Common Word Press Mistakes

WordPress Specialist

  • Word Press is the most common platform used for the website designing as it is simple to built a website on the Word Press, mistake are going to occur as important things are missed by the first time users.

The most common mistakes made by building a website are:-

Selecting a wrong platform:  The most common mistake that people do while selecting a platform, there are two different domains in Word Press which is known as & If you want a basic blog and tool feature you can use the or if you are looking to add some customizations then you would like to use

Renaming is important:  It is very important to rename the admin name when you are setting up the WordPress website. Most of the people stays assigned as admin user and do not change it with their personalized username which can be easily hacked by the hackers. For security purpose, it is important to keep your name or someone who maintains the website as a website admin name. There should be a unique key maintained to enter the website.

Backup is a must: Ignoring backups will surely be hard when you lose your data. Regular backups of your website is a must thing, you cannot avoid this at any case. In a world of technology, crashes and hacks will happen, so one should take backups for its website regularly. In Word press there are two ways wherein one can have the backup done by doing it manually selecting the tools>export and choose what you would like to back up and secondly you can use different plugins like Backup wordPress or BackWPup which will automatically starts backup.

Usage of Limited Plugins: Plugins plays a major part in different CMS platform.  Without plugins, wordpress is a very limited platform. If you are using too many plugins would slow down your website. With every new plugin that is downloaded will put load on the website and the load time of page will become slow. It will also cost to your website security as with every plugin the site security will go in the hands of the third party developers. It is very important to use limited plugins so your website can ran smoothly.

Downloading free themes & plugins :There are 2600 free themes and 32000 free plugins available in WordPress but downloading these free themes and plugins would do no good to your website as these themes are broken down or the code embedded can be harmful for your website, so it would be a smart idea to invest a little amount in purchasing a premium theme or hire a professional for the same.

Readers Feedback is required: Creating a contact page in the Word Press website is a crucial thing, this page helps the visitors to interact with you, and it can help you to modify something in your website or rectify something required.  You can mention your contact number and the email address and you can also put a contact form wherein readers can get in touch with you.

Responsive Website: There is no option than making your website responsive, as there different devices available in the market and ten different people uses ten different devices thus making your website responsive it necessary so the people can view your website.

Ignoring analytics:  There are different analytics program which offers services that could monitor the traffic on your website as well as help in keywords to increase the traffic. If we do not use these analytics program we would face unnecessary trouble.
By concluding the topic on the mistakes that are commonly made by the people who would like to build the wordpress website are many and by reading through this one can make wordpress website successful.
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