Why Outsourcing WordPress Development is a Right Business Decision?

Today WordPress has emerged as the most popular CMS and it powers almost 27 percent of the Internet. While you choose WordPress for your business website development, you have two options. Getting it developed by the in-house team or outsource it to another professional and experienced Outsourcing WordPress Development Firm in India.

Let us find out what are the key advantages for your business to outsource your WordPress website development to an Indian IT Company: Continue reading


Common Word Press Mistakes

WordPress Specialist

  • Word Press is the most common platform used for the website designing as it is simple to built a website on the Word Press, mistake are going to occur as important things are missed by the first time users.

The most common mistakes made by building a website are:-

Selecting a wrong platform:  The most common mistake that people do while selecting a platform, there are two different domains in Word Press which is known as WordPress.com & wordpress.org. If you want a basic blog and tool feature you can use the wordpress.com or if you are looking to add some customizations then you would like to use WordPress.org Continue reading

Why And How To Migrate Umbraco To Word Press?

Freelance WordPressUmbraco and WordPress are two powerful platforms of CMS. They both have great advantages and some few disadvantage for creating a website.

Umbraco can be used for simple as well as the most complex websites. More than 85000 websites are built on this platform around the world. It is known to be a serious platform used for some big organizations. The biggest drawback of this website is the way it is designed is it makes it impossible to edit the content on the website. Continue reading